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Dimple Creation

Dimple creation also is known as dimpleplasty, is a plastic surgical procedure used to create dimples on the face. Dimple are indentations that occur when people smile. In some cultures, dimples are considered as a sign of good fortune and luck.


  •  This procedure can be conducted at a day care setup. The steps include:
  •  The doctor applies topical anaesthetic on the area of the skin to avoid pain and discomfort during surgery.
  •  A small incision is given over inner side of cheek (buccal area) for creating a dimple on the face.
  •  In the area of 1 to 2 cms in length, fat and muscles are being removed to create a dimple.
  •  Once the space for the dimple is being created, doctor position a suture from one side of cheek muscle to other. This suture helps in permanent creation of dimple.


This surgery’s recovery is quite quick. Mild swelling is being experienced immediately after the procedure that goes by applying cold packs. You can resume your work two days after surgery. Just to see the results your doctor might see you after a couple of weeks from surgery.

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