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Tummy Tuck

Tummy tuck also called abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery that makes your stomach flatter, tighter and smaller. This surgery aims to change the appearance of the abdomen.


The tummy tuck removes excess fat from the abdomen and also removes excess skin from the tummy. Significant changes in body weight or post pregnancy, stretch the skin that surrounds the stomach. It contours the midsection of the body and restores the flat look of the body. This procedure also backs together with the sit-up muscles or rectus abdominus that stretches or gets separated.

You may undergo tummy tuck because:

  •  Body mass index is more than 30.
  •  Trying and willing to lose weight, but not getting desired results.
  •  Suffering from a chronic heart condition.
  •  Planning to get pregnant in future.


In this surgery, you would be given general anaesthesia. After that, an incision is made over the skin of lowest part of the abdominal wall. Once the muscles are visible, your surgeon together sews the muscles of the abdominal wall as if they have stretched out. After that, the tight skin over the abdomen is pulled off and excess skin is trimmed. Then the incision is closed with the sutures in 2 to 3 layers

The tummy tuck is a one-time procedure takes two to three hours.


After the surgery, you will see the incision is covered with a surgical dressing. You might be asked to be up and walk to prevent the blood clots. You would be prescribed with pain killers and antibiotics to ease the discomfort and reduces the risk of infection.

Initial recovery phases take about 4 to 6 weeks and regular follow up is required after the surgery with the doctor. Even though tummy tuck claim permanent results but significant weight gain after this procedure can alter the outcome. But you must avoid strenuous physical activity or exercise until recommended by the doctor

Also, the results after the surgery lasts long and make your abdominal strong and stable.


The tummy tuck is a life-changing procedure, always requires a surgeon on whom you can rely on. Dr. Harkirandeep Singh is the best tummy tuck plastic surgeon in Amritsar. He not only has experience of about 6 years but also provides you with surgery at an affordable cost. Also, being an important investment in your well-being, you would like to speak with your surgeon and get more specific about everything.