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Mesotherapy for Face

Mesotherapy for the face is a non-surgical procedure where the middle layer of the skin is delivered with hormones, vitamins and enzymes. It is used to treat various skin issues like: Skin tightening Pigmentation Fat removal from the face Cellulite reduction lines and wrinkles


During the treatment, a topical anaesthetic is applied to the area of treatment. After that doctor uses microneedles to inject the nutrients, hormones and enzymes into the area. The injections are delivered at different depths into your skin around 1 to 4 millimetres. Again depending on your skin issue.

To know how much exactly sessions you might need to achieve the desired results again depends upon on your skin issue. There are very few side effects it has like vomiting, itching, irritation, high sensitivity etc. that goes with time.


After that you would see, mesotherapy has given skin a rejuvenated glow. And your skin looks hydrated, radiant, firmer and glowing. Apart from that it improves the elasticity of skin and revives with the dullness of the skin. Being a safe treatment option, it is recommended to undergo this non-surgical treatment.

Name of the surgeon is the best person to undergo this surgery in Amritsar. He would understand your needs and would suggest the type of ingredients you require. His experience would assure with the satisfactory results.