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PRP (Face)

Platelet-rich plasma is a non-surgical facial treatment that gives a firmer and smoother skin on the face, neck and jawline.


The procedure includes drawing a small amount of blood from the face and then placing it into a centrifuge where platelets are separated. This injection is then injected into areas of the face where patients want treatment.

After the injection, you might see smooth and firm skin at the injection site. This process is quick and easy can be completed in a single visit at the doctor.You might require 2 to 3 sittings for good results.


This therapy is used to treat various skin conditions like wrinkles, fine lines, and loose skin. Also, the skin becomes less dry and soft to touch. PRP being a simple and straightforward treatment has no negative side effects. It gives short and long term results as the body absorbs natural growth factors and build healthy new tissue.It helps rebuild the collagen, giving face a firm look in a period of 2 to 3 years weeks.

Also, this treatment being cost-effective allows you to return to work immediately. This treatment has fewer risks giving skin rejuvenation. Just a few things to keep in mind after this surgery is to avoid direct sun exposure, wearing sunscreen every day, moisturising the skin properly and avoiding scratching of the skin.

It’s better to undergo this treatment with a good surgeon who guides you properly about everything about it. Dr. Harkirandeep Singh is the best plastic surgeon in Amritsar with whom you can discuss anything about this procedure and get your skin rejuvenated with the holistic treatment program.