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Scar Revision

A surgical procedure that helps in improving the appearance of the scar. A scar could be formed in any part of the body because of accident or some injury.


  •  Z or W-Plasty: In this procedure, scars are cut down in Z or W pattern helping to relieve a contracted scar by cutting fibrous tissue.
  •  Scar Excision: In this old scar is taken out and is closed leading to the formation of new scar that is less visible.


Depending upon the intensity of scar, your surgery would be performed either in a hospital or day care. He will provide you with general or regional anaesthesia depending on your scar and length of operation.

Your surgeon would discuss with you the technique best suitable for your scar. After that specific steps are taken to close incision that minimizes the visibility of the new scar. It often involves separately closing each layer of skin tissue using very fine & thin stitches which don’t leave marks.


Your recovery time is directly dependant on the area of skin being scarred. Even though all scar surgeries have been successful, the doctor would provide you with some medications and might ask you for a few visits to check with after effects of scar revision surgery.

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