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Body Contouring for Post Bariatric Surgery, Massive Weight loss. Body contouring is a reconstructive plastic surgery that removes sagging skin and extra fat from the body. It leads to improve shape and tone of tissue resulting in major weight loss.


When you wish to lose weight and don’t want the skin to shrink back fully, in this case, undergoing body contouring surgery might be a help. This surgery is performed in stages and takes months or even years to complete the process. The targeted areas include breasts, upper arms, groin, thighs, abdomen and buttock.

There are certain things that you need to do before undergoing this surgery:

  •  Stabilizing Weight: It should be your goal prior to three months to have a constant weight by correcting all nutrition deficiencies
  •  Prioritize the area of the body that bothers you most and concentrate to have surgery there first.
  •  Maintain a healthy lifestyle prior to surgery like stop smoking, drinking and increase the intake of protein.


Surgeons generally use general anaesthesia. The surgeon tries to make cuts within natural skin folds. Depending on your individual circumstances, your surgeon might recommend a different type of contouring surgeries like:

  •  Thigh Lift: In this surgery, a cut is made into groin that runs down the inner leg. Extra skin and fat are removed in that area.
  •  Lower Body Lift: In this procedure excess skin is taken from the abdomen, buttocks, hips and outer thighs. In this procedure, cellulite is being removed giving a proper skin surface.
  •  Breast Lift: The lollipop shaped series of cuts are made around the breast and excess skin is removed giving a proper shape to the breast.
  •  Arm Lift: Cut is made on the inner surface of the upper arm of the armpit to remove extra skin. This gives tightened and smooth skin at the upper arm.


After the operation, you can expect a drainage tube in the wound that helps in to prevent fluid build -up. Also, you might be given some medications to reduce pain and bruising. At home, you might be asked to take proper rest and avoiding exercise for at least the next few weeks.

Immediately after the surgery, you may see the change in your size of clothes. And the scars that happened because of surgery would fade with time. In short, you would see your motive to achieve a toned body is fulfilled.


It is advisable to undergo this surgery from a trained surgeon who has a lot of experience in carrying out this surgery. Dr. Harkirandeep Singh is a well-experienced plastic surgeon in Amritsar who specially trains to perform body contouring surgery. His experience would certainly give a satisfactory result.